Summer On a Poultry Farm

“Summer On a Poultry Farm” has nothing to do with raising chickens but everything to do with the hatching of the spirit, heart, and mind as it follows the author’s self revelation over the course of a summer season. Trapped in an unwanted pause mode in her life, Emily Bennett, a newly admitted attorney and a single mother of two children, struggles to understand the professional and personal predicament that greets her upon awakening with an ugly hangover and a disturbing dream about the seemingly hapless and doomed plight of a caged chick. Each of Emily’s chronological succession of personal, social, and professional events that take place in Staten Island, NY from Memorial Day through Labor Day weekends become a must opportunity for her to delve on and resolve. Emily’s story is delivered in a compact but fast moving narrative, and the issues she grapples with are easy for the lay reader to identify with and understand without having to wade through dense traditional psychological theories and terms. Instead, Emily’s conversations with an imaginary blue bird at pivotal moments when she is lost in doubt and insecurities illuminate the thought provoking search necessary to identifying problems and finding meaningful solutions. “Summer on a Poultry Farm” invites the reader to explore the “unknown.” As Emily goes through the journey to find her “unknown,” the reader is welcomed to follow along and harp on his or her own journey to discover the same. It’s a novel and easily understandable construct to grasp and can prove useful as a tool to make meaningful choices while disrupting repetitious dysfunctional patterns. By the end of the journey, the Labor Day weekend, Emily comes to a life changing realization. Are you ready to do the same? If so, join Emily to explore the “unknown.”