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Elen Krut, Esq., a long-time resident of Staten Island, New York, graduated with honors from the Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University and was admitted to practice in New York in 2017. Prior to law school, Ms. Krut graduated with a Master’s degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Brooklyn College, CUNY.  

Ms. Krut wrote her first book, “Summer On a Poultry Farm,” after being inspired by a chain of events that took place in her professional life. Finding herself in an unwanted pause in her new career and while traveling through the journey filled with challenges, rejection, and uncertainty, she kept noticing just how many people are facing similar issues on a daily basis. Fears and doubts don’t discriminate between social and economic statuses, education, or profession and equally target all.  

Ms. Krut's second book, "In Pursuit of More," is an inspirational fiction filled with more philosophy designed to help people overcome challenges and phycological barriers.  The book invites readers to hop on the journey and join the main characters as they seek and find motivation, inspiration, fresh perspective, and guidance. 

Prior to becoming a founding attorney at Krut Law, Ms. Krut worked for the NYC Administration for Children’s Services, where she litigated all stages of child abuse and neglect proceedings in Family Court. Ms. Krut has demonstrated a continued dedication to public service since 2008, when she first worked as a Case Planner for Seamen’s Society for Children and Families, a foster care agency, and when she subsequently represented indigent clients in the Bronx Criminal Court during her long-term internship with The Legal Aid Society, Criminal Defense Division.    

Ms. Krut is professionally affiliated with the Richmond County Bar Association, where she serves on the board of Association; she is also a member of the Staten Island Women’s Bar Association and the New York State Bar Association. 

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