In Pursuit of More

The time is now, and “In Pursuit of More,” invites the reader to explore a unique philosophy to fill that empty feeling inside and to accept and encourage the constant search for purpose, advancement, and happiness.


“In Pursuit of More,” is a story about two people traveling the journey filled with frustrations and uncertainty; both keep searching for something that seems to be impossible to achieve. Together with the main characters, Olivia Meyer and Jason Andersen, the reader is invited to hop on a journey and attend a convention that covers a variety of inspirational topics. Each topic encourages to move forward with own searches and discoveries. 

Two strangers, Olivia and Jason, find themselves lost and deeply dissatisfied with their professional, personal, and romantic lives. After trying over and over again to find a new job, Olivia Meyer hops on the plane to attend a presentation by an employment guru, Kara Kingsley, hoping that listening to Kingsley will solve all her problems. The presentation takes place at the “Blue Bird Summit,” in Miami, Florida. On the way to the summit, Olivia meets people who are, although strangers, teach her an important lesson and provide a fresh perspective. 

Jason Andersen finds himself on the same plane and on the way to the same Summit to give a presentation on a specific topic; something that he, after all, will not do. Instead, feeling inspired by people he met on the way and learning a lot about himself, he choses to stop hesitating and start implementing his “life strategy,” a new concept that he learned along the way.

Each of the character’s interaction with people they meet during their journeys is filled with important lessons that help to clear the mind, change perspective, and provide guidance. Every presentation in the Summit offers a unique philosophy that help people deal with different matters. By the end of the journey, Jason and Olivia come together to form a union of two people who have a clear goal in mind, and they proceed together with confidence, certainty, and happiness. 

If you are ready to hop on your own journey to pursue “more,” start reading and follow along! The time is now.